Aimée & Guy's Stag 'N Doe

Kevin writes: "The Stag 'N Doe is a long honoured tradition in Ontario. Especially in the small towns, where sometimes it is the only entertainment available for those who have lost their license and can't drive into the city. Anyway, in Wellesley when Paula Neeb gets moving on a mission to put together a party, everyone comes out. The concept is really simple. Two people are getting married and everyone who knows anyone who knows them should come and give them money. You pay to get in, then you get hit up for 842 raffle tickets. You drink all you can afford to pay for, then you get free food. Everyone seems to have a good time though. It was quite a party.

Laurie, Tara's boyfriend, had a digital camera and below are some pictures from the event.. Plans for the wedding are going really well. There's still two months left. Can you pick out Shannon and her boyfriend, Sean? It isn't hard to find Tara and her boyfriend, Laurie. Don't our daughters look good with kids??? Can't wait til they get some of their own -- but first things first!!

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