Rachael & Geoff's Kitchen Remodel

Rachael and Geoff wanted a new look to their kitchen with all new Ikea cabinets with custom Kokeena door and drawer fronts for a distinctive look, new quartz countertops, new farmhouse sink and faucet. They also wanted to remove the ceramic tile floor and install new oak hardwood flooring matching existing floors in the living and dining rooms. And create a new door from the kitchen to the living room with the same arch as the existing door to the dining room. The soffit along one side would be removed so the new cabinets could reach all the way to the ceiling. Finally, new light fixtures for the kitchen, living room, and dining room and new paint for all walls and ceiling. The new kitchen layout would move the refrigerator to the opposite corner and a new microwave oven would be built in to the new cabinets. All of this would require some structural and framing changes, many electrical changes, new outlets and switches, and some plumbing adjustments. And the changes required lots of drywall removal and replacement, mudding, repair, texturing, and finishing. Hardwood floor sanding and refinishing required that all furniture and appliances be removed for a couple of weeks.

A learning experience assembling and installing the Ikea cabinets and custom Kokeena fronts. The supplied instructions could provide some additional detail and explanation for novice installers like us. But after a few re-works, everything turned out well.

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Demolition. Removable of existing countertops, existing cabinets, opening east wall to create new door,

removal of soffits above bay window, relocate frig and range, remove ceramic floor tile, remove tin

back splash above range, disconnect plumbing, relocate and add electrical outlets and switches. Construction. Install new hardwood floor, frame new doorway and construct arch, frame ceiling where

soffit was removed, add drywall where missing, mud all joints and new doorway.
Finished! New Quartz countertops installed, new sink and faucet installed. All the door and drawer fronts installed,

trim and cover panels installed. The only remaining item now is new backsplash tile in a few weeks.