Rachael & Geoff's Wedding - August 27, 2016

Last Saturday, August 27th, it was my honor and pleasure to marry Geoff (Karen’s son) and Rachael. (Why yes, I am an ordained minister—can you believe it?). About 100 family and friends gathered in beautiful Columbia Park in North Portland to celebrate the joyous event. Setting was idyllic, weather was perfect, food and beverages great. Sounds like a cliché but the couple were wonderful and you could feel the positive love and vibes everywhere. Short ceremony but very meaningful and moving.

Enjoy the pictures here that Sarah took and check out the cool aerial videos that Trask took with his drone. The first video (that’s Trask in the lower left corner for the first few seconds) was taken just before the ceremony and gives a good overview of the park. https://youtu.be/9NskWiCOCmE The second was the procession at the start of the ceremony from high up (so as not to interfere with the ceremony). https://youtu.be/DKBFZxNqxHk

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