Karen & Wayne Wedding - Dec 10, 2016

On December 10th Karen and Wayne got married! We chose a small ceremony at our house with just kids, siblings and spouses or significant others. Our officiant was Wayne’s brother-in-law, Kevin. He and his wife Bev had arrived from Canada, just missing the big ice storm in the Gorge! Luckily the weather warmed up enough to melt the ice at our house just hours before the ceremony. Everyone was able to make it.

We had written our own vows and ceremony. It was short, heartfelt, and very meaningful to us. Molly, or dog, even took her front row seat!

Lauren, Wayne’s youngest daughter, had suggested the caterer, Sarah, a friend of hers. The appetizers and meal were amazing! If anyone is looking for a caterer in the Portland area, give me a call. She, with help from Robbie and Lauren, did a fantastic job! The food was great and the dessert, chocolate mousse, Wayne’s favorite was to die for!

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