The House Addition - Page 2 - Jan 2004
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Updated: March 23, 2004
Feb 15: From the Kitchen. We are kind of squished
The boys from HOME deliver the drywall
Watch out boys... here's the inspector
Amanda does the Limbo to drywall the vaulted ceiling
Feb 15: From the front door looking in
Feb 15: From the bedroom window. It should look better with drywall
Feb 15: From the bedroom window looking to the bathroom and laundry room.
And with some of the new roof
The electrician (ladder) meets the roofer
Cam (Sparky) Thompson cuts the rebar
Feb 15, 2004
A neat fit
Another neat fit
Now put it all together
And this is what you get
Before the snow on Jan 24th
Pieces of beam are cut and shaped
The ends are cut to fit
Unwrap the package
Bring in the big equipment
Get the two concrete slabs through the little door
Get a chain on the slab
Lets pull this wall out
Siding is gone
One wall is up
Three walls