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Wayne Jones
8590 NW Ash Street
Portland, Oregon 97229-6467
Tel: 503-297-9661 | Cell: 503-819-2669
e-mail: wayne@waynejones.net

Professional Expertise and Accomplishments

  Familiar with analog and digital circuit design. Knowledge of electronic packaging including circuit board layout, product styling, thermal management, EMI design. Several years of hands-on experience with audio test and measurement equipment. Good attention to detail in project management. "Take-charge" style with development management, able to overcome obstacles, meet schedules, watch costs, motivate staff, report progress. Involved with several standards organizations including AES, CEA, and IEC. Authored the rewrite of AES 6id, US expert for IEC 61606-4, contributed to CEA-2006A.

Developed promotional material, developed and presented customer technical seminars. Produced competitive product reports to assist sales staff in competitive selling situations. Developed sales engineer selling tools and sales manual. Excellent ability to evaluate market needs, specific customer requirements, competitive trends and relate these to technical opportunities and practical development. Good awareness and understanding of customer psychology. Strong presentation skills in various media: verbal, print, multimedia. Recruited and managed a network of independent test & measurement sales representatives and distributors. Managed "Lighthouse Accounts", important customers with strong industry influence including assessing current and future needs, worked with sales staff on special projects, evaluate future needs to assist with future product planning. Managed domestic and international trade show participation including theme development, display graphics, booth design, equipment and demonstration organization, shipping logistics, and coordination with show management.

Customer Training

Developed and managed a factory-based customer training program including the development of course curriculum, training materials and student workbook, workstations, training room facilities, and promotional material. Produced and delivered several web-based technical seminars including development of material, supplemental documentation, and live presentation.


Authored several technical articles. Edited and contributed content to company 12-page quarterly newsletter. Developed new style for User Manuals to achieve more professional appearance, easier topic navigation, and lower production cost. Created several technical documents and product brochures. Developed product ads including concept, copy, photography, graphics, and production. Created and managed a 3-person technical writing team. Initiated and managed the creation of over 30 TechNotes, a Digital Audio Measurement handbook, several Application Notes, and over 100 user manuals, programming manuals, quick start guides, and other customer documentation. Advanced knowledge of Desktop Publishing and technical illustration programs. Wrote and published several trade magazine technical articles. Co-authored, with Microsoft, an Audio Engineering Society paper on PC Audio testing. Created all product technical illustrations, block diagrams, technical graphics from 1992 to 2001.

Web Development

Developed complete Audio Precision web site from scratch including organization, all pages, style, and conversion of all existing print material (over 1000 pages). Advanced knowledge of web publishing tools. Developed a Solutions Resource Center, a web-based applications support facility to assist users to find the products and applications for any of approximately 40 applications in 10 categories. The facility provided a wizard-like environment to determine the system configuration, accessories, software, and applications required to satisfy the user's requirements.

Project and Product Management

Managed product development projects including a team of hardware and software development engineers, schedule management, interdepartmental coordination, and transition to manufacturing. Introduced CDROM and web delivery of software, developed an installer program, produced product CDROM packages. Tracked progress of several projects using GANTT charts developed in MS Project. Produced product models and mockups to test new form factors and styles. Produced product panel graphics.


Advanced-level knowledge of PC hardware and software. Started and managed Audio Precision IT department for several years.

Work Ethic
  Energetic in many disciplines. Organized, methodical, attention to detail. Results driven. Excellent communication, strong team player.
Updated October 6, 2006