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Wayne Jones
8590 NW Ash Street
Portland, Oregon 97229-6467
Tel: 503-297-9661 | Cell: 503-819-2669
e-mail: wayne@waynejones.net

Customer User Manuals

(A representative sample of over 100 user manuals for several products families. I developed the style and format, contributed content, and managed the development and publication of all AP manuals from 1992 to 2002. Note that these copies are abridged with the majority of the pages removed but serve to illustrate the manuals. Full copies are available on the Audio Precision web site.)

System Two Getting Started Guide (PDF 2 MB)

APWIN User Manual (PDF 8 MB)

AP Basic Programming Guide (PDF 1.2 MB)

AP Basic Programming Reference (PDF 2.6 MB)

Magazine Articles

(I wrote the BE and Planet Analog articles. I did not write the T & M World article but initiated the idea and managed the AP project to develop the application.)

Broadcast Engineering: Digital audio measurements for broadcast. PDF of article | Link to magazine on-line copy

EE Times / Planet Analog: Characterizing PC audio devices - some challenges and their solutions. PDF of article | Link to magazine on-line copy

Test & Measurement World: Sound Science - Harman International PDF of article | Link to magazine on-line copy

White Papers / Technical Papers

(This is an example of professional organization contributions and standards work.)

AES Paper: Testing Challenges in Personal Computer
Audio Devices

AES 6id Rewrite (not yet released, in final process at AES)

Web Seminars

(I developed the theme, wrote and delivered the content, and created the post-delivery resource material. This was one of a series of web seminars)

Testing Switch-mode Amplifiers (link to description on Audio Precision's web site)


(Examples of application programs and documentation produced to assist customers and leverage products.)

PC Audio Test Product Bulletin | Quick Start Guide | User's Manual

Measurement Techniques for Digital Audio

Product Brochures

(Examples of product brochures I created. For each of these, I developed the style and layout, wrote all of the content, created the graphics, prepared final artwork for printing and PDF and created web page versions of the material.)

Audio Precision Cascade Plus product | Specifications

Audio Precision Portable One Plus product

Audio Precision ATS-2 product | Upgrade page

Customer Training Program

(This brochure describes a 4-day training session. Although I did not create this brochure, I managed the department and the creation of the program, course material, promotional material, and workbooks)

4-page Customer Training brochure


(This is a sample of a series of short technical web-delivered newsletters. I originated the idea, wrote all of the material, developed the graphics and the web pages. See the Audio Precision web site for additional examples)

Link to samples of the first three TechTips.
Updated December 20, 2007